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Advances in Cognitive Psychology is an open access journal devoted primarily to the scientific study of perception, language processing, attention, memory, and cognition. The journal's broad focus encompasses the behavioral, cognitive, and brain sciences. ACP publishes empirical studies, theoretical papers, and critical reviews. The journal occasionally offers reviewers the possibility to write an opinion letter on a reviewed paper, and regularly publishes special issues on topics of widespread interest. The language of the journal is English. Currently ACP is indexed by major abstracting services including Scopus, MedLine, PsychINFO, EBSCO, ERIH PLUS, Social Sciences Citation Index, Journal Citation Reports/Social Sciences Edition, and Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Covered research areas include:

  • Neuropsychology of Cognition
  • Modeling and Simulations
  • Social Cognition
  • Differential Cognitive Psychology
  • Developmental Cognitive Psychology
  • Cognitive Neuroscience

Open access license

ACP applies the creative common license CC-BY-NC-ND ( to published articles. Under this Open Access license, authors agree that anyone can copy and distribute the article for free as long as appropriate credit is given and the article is not modified and not used for commercial purposes.


Article processing costs

In the case of acceptance of a submitted manuscript the authors will be charged with the article processing costs. These costs depend on the length of the manuscript, and usually amount to about 300 Euros. If one of the authors is actively involved in the journal (e.g., as an editor), then these costs will be waived.